What others say:

Testimonials for Connor’s work:

“ I feel my discernment is more acute and enhances what I can see in specific places in my life. This discernment tells me where I can act differently in a way that I feel more effective and satisfied with my life. I feel my influence in key situations rising to new levels. I feel more confident in my decisions. I am learning a deeper layer of listening. I feel challenged and respected, cared for and honored.” M.T. Oregon

“Connor picks up on my conversation, concerns, zeros in on something that strikes her as possible to explore further, and this becomes my work until the next time we talk.”

P.T. Oregon

“Working with Connor is like meeting my true self for the first time in this being. All the stuff of the monkey mind- the toxic clutter- melts away and a clearer road map is identified. “Waking up” with Connor brings a truthful awareness of “what is” without illusions of a lifetime of conditioning. Being present with Connor is such a gift as I continue to truth out what is real. We share a language that allows for a new conversation enabling my gifts to manifest and serve. Fear dissolves and is no longer a barrier to self realization.” K.H. Florida

“ I am learning how to navigate through my life as who I am meant to be. This process includes deconditioning from societal and cultural influences. I ask myself ‘what is correct for me?’ as I unfold into my authentic self. I am not the person my parents, family, teachers, bosses, advertisers told me I am. My true self emanates from within. I feel it in my body. I know this is a life long journey, and boy, is it exciting!” D.C. Florida

“Work with Connor is revolutionary. In the sense that I have a way of seeing the way I walk in this life. Each session gives me insight into who I am and ways to take care of myself so that I have the energy and reserve to be who I truly am in the world.”

L.L Florida

“My experience working with Connor is one of having someone committed to my commitments in life. Another listening to me in a way that keeps me on course to what matters most to me. I came on working with Connor because I am here to make a difference in the lives of people, particularly women and women’s concerns. Playing small or getting off track is easily done without a committed listener. Connor listens to the big me, and together we continue to move my life forward. Connor’s coined term “Side-By” is so fitting of my experience with her, and the relationship we have developed. I’m not walking the life path alone. I’ve got someone committed to my commitments. I am truly inspired and grateful for our relationship”.

                                           S.Q. Florida

“Connor Sauer has deeply transformed my life. She is a dreamer, writer, teacher, pioneer, life coach and so much more! Connor is one of very few wise teachers who can integrate science, spirituality, indigenous wisdom, and cutting edge consciousness theories. If you want to find your core and live, walk, and serve accordingly, you must experience Connor’s facilitation. Through drum, song, Nature, and many more sacred tools, Connor inspires you to discover your dance! She listens and hears the soul and takes people to their inner most awareness of who they are and what they are here for.” 

           -Christine Stevens, MT-BC, MSW, author, The Healing Drum Kit

"Spiritual Warrior

You, beautiful sister, walk the path of the heart and

Always seek your truth from your Higher Self.

You are committed to walking your healing journey no

Matter how challenging it may be.

You approach life with great courage and deep passion.

You ride the wild river with calm center and inner


You guide others through the rapids with confidence.

You impact many with your depth of insight and


You teach by example.

You dance like no one I have ever seen.

You are the wildest woman I know.

You savor precious moments.

You nurture your friendships.

You smile turns on all my lights.

Your eyes pierce my soul.

You make magic.

You honor your roles as mother and wife.

You walk in a sacred way upon our Earth Mother.

You have sword-like discrimination.

You have intensity about living life to the fullest.

You are deeply loved and cherished by all who know


You let the Will of Heaven flow through you.

You walk your talk.

You inspire me.

You are a spiritual warrior who stands in her power.

You are my friend, teacher, heroine and healing sister.

Connor, I am blessed to share my healing journey with

you, and I carry you always in my heart. "

                                          -Charlotte McGuire, MA, RNC, HNC

                                            Founder, American Holistic Nurses Association

"Connor is a master! She brings her full self and powerful presence to each moment, imparting her wisdom and teachings with grace and passion. Highly skilled as a trainer and facilitator, she creates a dynamic and rich container for learning, growth, healing and transformation. Her ability to guide the processes and participants is exquisite and always leads to powerful experiences. Her profound wisdom, abilities, and integrity ensure the highest quality and excellence. Connor walks her talk.

She is an amazing speaker, whose words inspire, mesmerize, awaken and call action.

Connor is a visionary and leader whose time has come: The world needs what she offers! I highly recommend everyone at least have one opportunity to hear her speak and partake of her services.

Authentic, bold, courageous, wise, loyal, determined and compassionate, Connor is among the best teachers today. My life is more meaningful and alive having been touched by her presence. Thank you , Connor, words cannot capture the gift that you are!" 

                                            -Kendra Thornbury, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer