About Connor:

Connor Sauer, LMT, NCTMB, NCM is the founder and owner of Core Alchemy, a life-deepening Natural World, Inner Journey Guide service company. She is currently IHDS Certified in BG5 business applications of Human Design, as well as a Gene Keys Guide.

A mother and grandmother, Nationally Certified in both Mediation and Bodywork, Connor lives now lives in NorthCarolina. She has spent most of her life amidst the varied landscapes and wilderness of numerous USA National Parks -- from the mountains of Rocky Mountain, rain forest of the Olympic Peninsula, South Rim of the Grand Canyon and the middle of North Cascades to the high desert of Joshua Tree in Southern California 

For many decades, Elders of numerous Indigenous Lineages from throughout the world, and accomplished critical thinkers, have mentored Connor in their respective cultural-spiritual-thinking traditions. She has practiced Meditation for over forty five years and was an early pioneer in the women’s personal transformational movement. In that time she facilitated women’s talking councils, drum circles, wilderness gatherings, vision quests, ceremonies and Rites-of-Passage, as well as Mentor and Guide individuals, primarily women, in her private professional practice. She has been a volunteer/advocate for America's National Parks since 1974, and at different stages of her life, involved deeply in community service in many forms, such as volunteer in the New Mexico men's prison system for a year.

Connor has opened National Conferences as Master of Ceremonies, given Keynotes, offered workshops and seminars, and has been known to have yummy conversations with dogs, cats, children and wild animals, all of whom know only how to be themselves.

She is certified as an instructor in many things from Educational Kinesiology, Qi Gong to Human Design BG5.

A life long learner and student, certification in techniques is less important than the cultivation of wisdom, discernment and ways of contribution to the greater whole.

Connor organized and led all-women river trips in the Grand Canyon for decades and published a chapter about that experience in the book Wilderness Therapy for Women: The Power of Adventure. She has been a published author in numerous publications, and is making her way with several books. She was recently published in the Boatman' Quarterly Review of the Grand Canyon River Guides organization, the main organization of the River Guides and vital support for Grand canyon.

She is currently focusing on Natural World Leadership; The Principles of Wilderness Wisdom for Modern Culture; The Grace of Enough and ways of living that will help to ensure cradle-to-cradle opportunities for the future. In addition to natural world and real life metaphors, Connor uses the patterns found in Human Design, Gene Keys, Epigenetics, principles of Quantum Physics to glimpse at the underlying forces at play in an individual’s life, and as a springboard language to evoke the creativity, expression and direction that wants to emerge from within the individual.

Connor Sauer is a passionate spokeswoman on behalf of the legacy of the Natural World and the importance of people becoming awake, aware and mature in self understanding, self-governance, and the way they relate to the world around them. Practical, profound, grounded in daily life, spirit-filled living brings the simple truth of an immensely joyful, satisfying, healthy life.

 "I choose to embody

each moment

in a way

that evokes, allows and ensures

a magnificent, generative

and generous future

for all that lives

in, upon and through

the Mother of all form".

                                                -© Connor Sauer 2004