Awake, conscious, aware living is the technology of intimate, vital living, discovered as what is important and true in each moment. It is found by listening to and for the core nature of our needing and desiring connection, belonging, creative expression, respect, loving kindness, truth, nourishment, passionate recognition and meaningful experience, along with a timely span of solitude. We then realize we are innately whole, and we must wake up.

We discover this through reflection, contemplation, critical thinking, observing in order to discover, deciding to give undivided attention and deep listening to what is happening in the moment, right now: seeing and hearing what is real, beyond illusion and self-deception, recognizing ourselves as deeper than the conditioning of the impact of others. We can ask ourselves what we need and desire in our awake awareness. When we listen and hear, from this awake place, the voice of our true self responds.

When left alone, Nature lives only as itself and is self-organizing at all levels of being. We are originally and and naturally part of Nature.

This is my experience from 35 years living in and around America's Wilderness National Parks, a life time being primarily in nature, and seven decades of my current life expression.

I Mentor those wishing a deep and meaningful life.

Connor M. W. Sauer BG5 Human Design

IHDS Certified BG5 Business Consultant and Guide

Deep listening can evoke the art of inner "fermentation" from which comes the natural next step, next unfolding, next conversation, next connection, our own innate and intrinsic wisdom and knowing.

What I have come to experience as a pathway in possible daily living:

  • Being follows allowing
  • Allowing follows opening
  • Opening follows emptying
  • Emptying follows fullness
  • Fullness follows completion
  • Completion follows enough-ness
  • Enough-ness follows recognition
  • Recognition follows seeing
  • Seeing follows hearing
  • Hearing follows listening
  • Listening follows awakening
  • Awakening follows observing
  • Observing follows stillness
  • Stillness follows a decision to lay down self-deceit, and curiosity to uncover a natural path to innate-realized, conscious self-realized, awake, aware and honest living.       

Connor guides mainly women and some men into a place of uncovering intrinsic, core, direct experience, for a an awake, aware, alert, honest, genuine, self-realized, informed, passionate, mature, joyful and benevolent life. This is done through observation, inquiry, deep listening, uncovering self-deception, subsequent deception with others, giving attention to what runs in the rivers of wanting and desire. Unfolding the capacity to recognize and read deep currents beneath the surface of what seems evident.

Connor also writes, keynotes, and facilitates experiential gatherings.